First Conversation Consultation

For me the foundation of a good and successful collaboration is trust. There will be a charge for the First Conversation. It serves to get to know each other and to clarify expectations and set goals for future meetings.


Non-binding consultation: 1h CHF 75.-
Consultation: 1h CHF 150.-
Consultation: 1.5h CHF 225.-

Communication & Mental Training: 1h CHF 150.-
Couple-Communication Training: 1h CHF 200.-

Vocal Coaching à 60 min CHF 120.- / à 45 min CHF 90.- / à 30 min CHF 60.-
Vocal Coaching trial course 45 min CHF 60.-

Vocal Coaching for students à 60 min CHF 100.- / à 45 min CHF 75.- / à 30 min CHF 50.-
Vocal Coaching trial course for students 45 min CHF 50.-

Vocal coaching for adults and students is also available as a 5 or 10 subscription. Redeemable in 3 months or 6 months. Vocal coaching for children is only carried out on request.

Courses / Workshops will be calculated individually according to the extent of the sessions.

Generally I offer counselling to everyone, no matter what financial situation the person is in.
Lack of finances should not be a hindrance to receive my help. Do not hesitate to speak to me about this.